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Welcome to Sustainaroo Travels!

Mission & Focus

As the name suggests, Sustainaroo Travels is all about Sustainable Travel, with our focus on sustainable and eco travel in Australia.

Sustainability is at the base of everything we talk about. Our goal is to educate travellers and ways of travelling and destinations that leave minimal carbon footprints, while working with local communities and helping maintain and hopefully even improve the environment.

Have a look through all of our sustainable travel resources that help you live, work and travel as sustainably as possible.

About the Founders:
Freddi Saleeba & Maria Phillips

Meet Freddi and Maria, the dynamic duo behind Sustainaroo Travels.

Freddi, an adventurous entrepreneur and seasoned traveller, caught the travel bug during a transformative 6 month exchange in rural France at 16 years old. After navigating the twists and turns of life, including studying a Bachelor of Health Science in Myotherapy alongside Maria, Freddi’s journey took him from Sweden to Chile, with a pandemic-induced return to Australia leading to an unexpected off-grid life in regional Victoria, where he converted an old school bus into a off-grid tiny home.

Maria, a versatile writer and former myotherapist, has joined forces with Freddi to bring a unique blend of expertise to our platform.

Their paths intertwined at University in Melbourne, where they both pursued a Bachelor of Health Science in Myotherapy. Post-graduation, they independently opened their myotherapy clinics, contributing to the health and wellness of their communities.

While Freddi embarked on a journey of sustainable living, Maria’s quest for knowledge led her to pursue a Masters Degree in Spiritual and Pastoral Care. Together, their shared commitment to sustainability, ethics, and altruism extends beyond the digital realm. Maria also volunteers for the Bridgit Water Foundation, a charity that helps supply clean water to developing countries, further embodying their dedication to making a positive impact.

Join Freddi and Maria on this journey as they share their insights, experiences, and a shared passion for researching and understanding complicated constructs. They have a dream of building a sustainability resource that is easy to navigate and to gently encourage others to help create a better world through sustainable living, health, and conscious choices, while connecting you with businesses and products that are as focused on sustainability as Sustainaroo Travels is.

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