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Sustainable, Eco Travel:
for you & the planet

Whether you are working while travelling, taking a holiday / vacation or looking for sustainable or wellbeing activities for you or the planet. Join us in making travel as sustainable as possible!

Travel doesn’t have to be bad for the environment. Join us as we learn and empower you to live, work and travel more sustainably while giving back to the locals and respecting traditions past and present!

Where should you start?

If you want to dive into travelling more sustainably, start here:

We have a range of articles to help you understand what sustainable tourism is and how you can do your part to look after this planet whether at home or on the road. Here are some key articles to get you started:

  • Sustainable vs Ecotourism
    Confused about the difference between Sustainable vs Ecotourism? This article is for you. We delve into what each of the terms are, the differences, their advantages, disadvantages and of course have some examples in Australia, including all the Certifications businesses can obtain.
  • Invasion Day: Culturally Sensitive Australia Day
    Australia day, or as it is getting more commonly called ‘Invasion Day’ or ‘Survival Day’ has been a growing issue. In recent years, there has been increased discussion for a need for a more inclusive national day that includes the diverse stories and cultures of all Australians.
  • 21 Travel Tips: Sustainable Tourism Best Practices
    Sustainable travel is travel that is conscious of its impact on the environment, economy, and society. We go through sustainable tourism best practices that make your travels more sustainable.

We have our Video Podcast Interviews being released every fortnight (or every second week, for the North Americans hehe) where we showcase the ways real people are making real world change to live, work and travel sustainably!
The video podcast is available on YouTube & Spotify and the audio version is on all your favourite platforms (links below).
Check out the Podcast page for the written content from the interviews and the full show notes.

Recent Articles

4 Guest BETA Test Trips October 2023:

Guided Small Group Trips for Remote Workers

Do you work remotely? Whether you are an entrepreneur, business owner, remote worker, digital nomad or just getting started, these trips are for you!
Bring your work on the road as we take you to amazing parts of Australia.
Get a group of 4 together or apply to join a test group, as we Glamp in the Alpine areas of Victoria for 3-5 days.

Overnight Solopreneur Retreat

– 1 Night Accommodation (Multiple options available)
– 1-2 Workshop Sessions
– Structured & non-structured networking
– Plenty of outdoor exploring

Why not bring 5 friends and book out the tour?

1 Week Work & Travel

Sunday: Leave Melbourne (early afternoon)
Get to know each other and explore the area.
Monday-Friday: Work in an Inspiring Location
Saturday: Hike or Event. Stay in different location.
Sunday: Return to Life (late morning)

Want to Stay for more than a week?
Contact us to discuss extended getaways

1 Week Team Getaway

Book the whole tour for your team and have a week out in nature with this unique team bonding while still getting work done.

Monday: Pick up the team from your workplace or designated spot (morning)
Monday-Friday: Work in an Inspiring Location
Friday: Head home, ready for the weekend (afternoon)

Add-ons and customisations are available.
Contact us to discuss further

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